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Mario Maurer, one of Thailand’s renowned actors, shared his thought on Thai Hom Mali rice that has been his choice since childhood.


“As a Thai, I eat rice every day,” he declares. “And speaking of rice, what I like the most would be Thai Hom Mali rice because I love its fragrance and softness. I am so used to having such wonderful rice on my plate, perhaps, because I have eaten it since childhood. I also like colored rice such as brown rice and riceberry rice as well.”


As an actor who isn’t famous only in Thailand but continued to garner his fans throughout Asia since his first big break in the film ‘Love of Siam’, Mario has the chance to travel to so many countries. And that is how he appreciates Thai rice even more. “I had the chance to taste other rice when I travelled abroad too but, to me, Thai rice is the best, in terms of tenderness and fragrance. That is not to mention about its health benefits like how it is gluten free and contains antioxidants and vitamin E.”


He concludes that Thai rice can be eaten with everything but, for him, he always keeps it simple. “If you ask me what my favorite dish is, I would say Khao Pad Krapow (stir-fried meat with basil on top of rice), probably with fried egg. I know, it is such an ordinary dish for Thais but that’s the beauty of it, especially when you have it with Thai Hom Mali rice. Also, I must say that brown rice milk and rice bran oil, which I love, are such wonderful Thai rice innovations that more and more people in the world with health-conscious mind should know about. Rice bran oil helps lower your cholesterol while brown rice milk makes you healthier just by drinking it. Everyone should have it regularly.”

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